Mornings and some sarcasm

A bowl of cereals with mixed fruits and dried fruits accompanied with a glass of soy milk to start with during any of my mornings seems just perfect sometimes. Well, I would say it more often when it is consistently available. I am void of it currently so there is nothing much I can talk about it. A walk to the nearby grocery store does not help me get tofu either so I will need to ask the shopkeeper to find a way to get some arranged if that’s an option. The one I am currently dealing with has not been able to get soy milk stocks either but everything else is always available. The many perks of continuing to be a vegan in certain places — I can still manage a wink and a smile!

If only sarcasm could get me what I need. I am continuing to think how this day can get any better considering I tried to make a few calls in the past days that didn’t go through and somehow my network provider keeps sending me messages of very good network services and a highly promising increase in overall coverage even in places that you cannot expect good reception — I would like to assume that underground passages like subways and tunnels are also included in this, except my couch!

Beautiful image source: freepik

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