No hunt day

I was busy strolling the other day, I met ginger as well. We decided to walk together. It didn’t seem like ginger was enjoying it though so I had to ask — “everything alright?”

“Couldn’t have been better”, pat came the reply.

“So what’s with the grumpy face?”

“It’s called getting old.”

“I can see that, but what’s with that walk?”

“It’s called I could’ve killed you but I didn’t.”

“So who did you meet earlier?”

“Somebody not better then you.”

We anyway continued to stroll.

“Did you read a book of puzzles before coming here?”

“No, but my human does and I do give her company.”

“There’s a mouse there, you want to go for the kill?”

“You should go right ahead, I see you have Clay for company.”

“Where, where, where?”

“Too much of excitement there, but you will have to do it on your own Ginger.”

Our walk didn’t last that long and we also have mood swings, so what if I am just a cat. I have fish waiting at home and that is any day more desirable then that mouse.

Beautiful image source: 123rf

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