Some gear woes and responsible travel

Now that looks kinda deceptive — that was not all the gear I had ordered!

I have been wanting to take a trip in a while now and use the new gear that I ordered. However, the gear has not yet arrived so it is very difficult for me to even post the reviews of the gear or anything about the travel that I was planning to take with these and while I keep sulking and feeling so horribly low and drained over this delivery, there are other things that continue to occupy my mind.

During one of my travels, I was looking out of the window to admire the nature we were passing by, enjoy the fresh breeze that kept hitting my face and swaying my hair when I saw some travellers littering by throwing out plastic covers and other wrappers.

“Why did you do that? There’s a dustbin out there.”, I asked the kid.

“She asked me to.”, said the kid.

I saw an elder woman munching into something and throwing out the unwanted waste. I was wondering if we would be doing this at our homes all the time and live in it. If not? Why do we want to do this during our travels? It does not matter which part of the world we live in or travel to. It could be a village, town, city, a developed or a developing country; irrespective of what it is, the least we could do is keep it clean — for ourselves, for others who visit, for others who want to visit!

Beautiful image sources: Charlieswanderings and google search image from Youtube

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