A letter to Amazon and Flipkart

We are all shoppers some or the other time and while we would like to sometimes pick up certain things by physically going to the shops, at other times some of us do order online. I thought of writing a small letter here on this site to two of these product companies that I have been expecting deliveries from since quite sometime but haven’t got any as yet.

Dear Amazon and Flipkart,

I have ordered some products from the two of you. Flipkart managed to deliver at least one but Amazon has delivered none as yet and I have no clue why. I keep getting calls and alerts about the product delivery. In the calls am asked for the address that is already mentioned in the order details, but nobody seems to deliver the products for some reason. I also keep getting alerts of refunded or cancelled delivery whereas I haven’t cancelled any. I just have good impressions about both these companies and it is somehow turning out to be a ‘not-so-good’ experience.

With love, waiting in anticipation.

Amazon and Flipkart employees — if you’re reading this, can you do the needful to get my orders delivered so I can use them and also flaunt and boast about them, not that you are paying me anything to do this as yet but yet.

Thank you!

Beautiful image source: business standard

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