You watch, I watch, we watch

Travel takes a person far and wide sometimes and on other days it just takes a person near and narrow. It could be just about any place.

This was just one of my random watching sprees where I felt these videos were made really well for their own unique reasons and they are all related to travel in different ways. I think you will enjoy watching them as much as I did.

I came across this one that shows up in a travel channel, where a person shows how you can make your own creative travel journal.

Ankit Bhatia introduces us to his travel series of Andaman.

This one is by Jack Morris and is quite impressive!

Wendy 360 made this one about a road trip with her kids and all their conversations.

Dana talks about Why travelling is important?

This one is a short version of travel in Bali by lifeewithsam and is sure to make you want to travel.

Benn TK takes us to Vietnam through his eyes.

You will want to watch more of their videos after you watch these, don’t blame me!

Beautiful image source: brandwatch

Enjoy anything and everything related to travel? Check this and this as well!

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