Travel sickness

It is booked! Did you just get an alert or a phone call about your travel ticket getting booked and did you get jitters or end up getting all tensed about how you will take that flight, board that train or four or two wheeler? Don’t worry, this post here has got your back. This is not about your bag packing — for anything related to that, have a look at this!

Travel can be taxing for many people in different ways and it could be any mode of transport, and how you actually want to feel at ease is something you might not be aware of; specially if you’re a first time traveller and sometimes even otherwise. Any form of travel sickness — most of all vomiting and other forms of motion sickness, calls for attention.

Eat light: Do not overeat or rather eat heavy before you leave home or board that flight or train or bus or any other mode of transport. If you happen to eat something, give yourself at least three to four hours before departure time — this is irrespective of your mode of transportation specially if you are prone to vomiting or any other forms of motion sickness; that way you won’t feel heavy or vomit when you’re traveling. Do this even during your travel.

Keep your bowels clean: This also helps in keeping your digestive system light. Visit the washroom before your long travel and don’t mix food and water in a way that even if you’re not prone to anything like this, you end up becoming one with it.

Carry some tangy and lemon flavoured chocolates: This helps at the slightest sense of vomiting or even when you feel dizzy. If you are not the chocolate kind, then different forms of lemon juices are available everywhere — pick one!

Wear comfortable clothing: Do not wear anything that makes you feel stuffy or fills the food up your throat. Avoid tight denims, trousers, belts, tops, blouses or anything that can aggravate that feeling of nausea.

Footwear: We might all think what difference will that make. It does. Tight or uncomfortable footwear can cause you to sweat or even get dizzy specially if you are prone to something like that. Moreover, you might not be able to sit for hours without removing it so might as well wear something comfortable.

Carry bag or a travel sickness bag along with tissues and a towel: You might get these in flights however, it is better you carry something when you’re in other modes of transport and keep it handy. You wont get a notification on that smart phone about when you will vomit or faint specially when you’re travelling alone.

Keep your body and head straight or in an erect position: Do not stoop specially during take off and landing or departure and halts in trains or bumps and steep turns in buses or other road transports, in case you could not avoid that tasty meal, this will just add to your nausea and will cause inconvenience to the other passengers travelling. This includes not putting your head down on the eating table as well.

Any of you beautiful people reading have some experiences to share? I am all eyes and will get glued to reading if you drop a comment. If not, well I’d still love to know about your travels while I continue to share mine.

Beautiful image source: very well health

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