Nothing manic about today

On any given day it is nice if you can start on a positive note and that is irrespective of who you are — now look this is what I started my day with!

I might end up with something else during the rest of the day though.

This could also possibly be a good start to the day. No, don’t be surprised you might just need it on some day.

I wanted to know how you like to start your day, just about any day — say a week day and supposedly if it’s a start of the work week. No not necessarily Monday, your week could start on any day depending on your profession or whatever you intend doing right?

Do you like mishaps or grumpy starts, maybe some of you like it that way and do things that will make your day start that way. I wouldn’t know unless you tell me, so yes down there, same place, the comments section is below.

There are things though that can give you a smooth start and this here is not what I do every single day, but you know you can choose from options and this might just work for you specially if you’re stuck for some reason or just about no reason.

Wake up without a heart attack : No, I don’t mean the medical condition, wake up without shocking yourself about anything and that would mean just make sure nobody does that to you either. Problem? Close or lock the bedroom door or wherever you’re sleeping. You might want to put up a sign board if people don’t understand when you tell them. A pleasant start serves as an encouraging booster and gives a good kick to the rest of the day. Don’t believe me? Ask someone to constantly yell at you when you wake up or make someone wake you up by suddenly shaking you when you’re in deep sleep. Does your heart miss a beat or are you in a state of what just happened?

Laze a little before you get out of that bed: Our body goes through a lot of transitions at night and you may or may not be aware of it. You should not shock yourself either, its your body. If you’re the kind who likes making love (having sex) in the morning, even then you need to make sure you give yourself that time before you jump out of that bed. The options are many — you can relax, stretch, do some conscious breathing, look around aimlessly, play with your paw (if you’ve one), smell some flowers from the vase on your side table (if you like doing that, I don’t) or anything that doesn’t make you get out of your bed.

Keep that phone away: This is an age of smart phones and every other person seems to have one. There is this craze of what you’re going to miss or just wanting to keep checking it to avoid conversations or just about I don’t think I can get out of the bed without looking at it — Avoid! I also do it, but not always and keeping it way away from yourself — well, that’s what I like but you too can try.

Morning rituals: We all have our own morning rituals and it could be anything and it could be unique — washroom time, eating a chocolate, loitering around the house, drinking water, looking out of the window or balcony, taking a shower. It could be anything, do it irrespective of where you are.

Exercise and workouts: An important part of my morning routine which I have been neglecting lately and something that helps in countless ways — apparently this is a wrong time for me to write about this! It’s a really good start, pumps your adrenaline and makes you feel healthy through the day even if you are dead tired after you have just finished your workout. An hour of workouts is a good workout (please do not include the time you drink water, change clothes or indulge in gossip). Many times I end up extending it to 90 minutes, but this may not work out for everyone, so see what works for you. This could be anything — going to the gym, going for a swim, meditation, walks, yoga, playing or training for a sport.

A healthy breakfast: The most important and vital among all your meals. I don’t want to write about one liners or sayings here, but this is a physical booster and the way certain things help your mental health; breakfast helps your physical well being. Prepare things the previous night if you’re too lazy in the morning or don’t have the energy to make one in the morning. Alternatively, there’s a lot of readymade eats in the shops that you can pick up depending on your dietary conditions or food choices.

Knowing what you have lined up (your schedule) for the day: This is more of how you want to organize yourself during the day. This does not necessarily mean you have to be or look like a workaholic, its about making it easy for yourself and the people involved — check your calendars, see what meetings you have lined up, things you need to get done before or after work, chores at home, routines at school, priorities at the university. It could be just about any of these and you know what you can use for this.

You can follow this till the end or just a little tweak depending on the way it works best for you, but I can assure you this will only add to your mojo when life happens!

Beautiful image source: greeting card poet

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