Some good breakfast, the rains and a dude in distress

Some hot chocolate and coffee anyone?
These noodles and potato wedge fries can never go wrong — hot n spicy!

Sometimes, it’s just nice to devour something like this and then this is how the weather can influence you with the scenes outside.

It started to slowly get darker and colder outside. The windows were closed but the mosquito net ones were open. That did not mean anything would change. It kept getting darker. It did not matter what time of the day it was. It felt good this time. Just kept getting better. There was some more cold wind that covered the ears in spite of the tresses. A handsome young man kept wanting to look at the situation outside. He peeped. It did not help. He slowly moved from one end to the other. That didn’t help either. He walked to the main entrance, that’s not where he wanted to be. It started to drizzle. He needed to meet someone. Nobody could tell how important that meeting was. Impatience. A few lines on the forehead. Fingers in between strands of well cut partially wet hair. He moved again as people home kept glancing.

“You need something?”


“Looking for someone?”

“Don’t think you’d understand.”

He kept walking. It started to pour heavily. Kept getting worse. He looked around. One more look at the failing weather, he thought. Made a phone call. No answer. He wanted to be calm but his grey cells wouldn’t let him be. His breakfast got cold. Not a sign of good appetite. Someone walked past him. He didn’t even realize. He kept moving and sat at the table.

“I’m going out.”, said a voice

No reply. The door closed behind him. No reaction. He kept looking with no direction. Another look outside. He thought it was reducing and just as he turned around, a sudden blow of heavy winds and droplets rushed through the curtains and gripped him. He gave up or so was the look on his face. He grabbed the curtains and partially closed one of the sliding windows and an open window on the other end of the room. The phone rang. He anxiously put his hand inside the pocket of his well fit trousers. Unknown number.

“Your tickets are confirmed, sorry my other phone is a little messed sir. Did you try calling?”

“Yes I did. No problem! Is the schedule the same? I’m not sure if I can make it with this weather and the cab is yet to arrive.”

“We also had to reschedule, that’s when I tried calling you last night.”

“Alright! Works for me, send me the details.”

The phone call ended and he heaved a sigh of relief. It all calmed down — the rain, the atmosphere, his mood. He looked out again, this time not at the weather.

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