High hope mornings and mojo with tweaks

The other day as well I woke up at 4 in the morning and thought of taking a walk for some reason but I obviously didn’t and skipped the idea to another day. I also keep hoping for a swimming pool to magically appear near my place of residence which has not yet happened and while I wait for that miracle to take place, thought I could do with some mojo.

I did a little bit of tweaks to what’s existing on my site. A little tour in my way might be a good start to your day!

So here’s what you go to on the worldwide web to access my current site unless you’re already following
There’s this change of background which sums up a lot
Have a look at my updated ABOUT and look forward to more pages soon
I added this search section so you can check for words that come to your mind on any day whenever you want to revisit so you don’t need to browse the whole site
Some of the many beautiful people who browse my site regularly and will be an integral part of it going forward too…
…and this! We all have something to say, don’t we?
Visit my site from any part of the world you live in and I have made sure you can browse it in any language

Now that you’ve seen the screenshots and in case you’re still on the application, Here — have a look at the live site!

Ooooooo and there’s something more to happen, let’s see when that materializes. You will obviously see it here when it happens and add it to your existing mojo so there’s a lot of mojo in this universe!

Coming soon…an updated posting schedule and other things!

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