Sunlight and other vibes

On days when the sun is shining bright and it’s rays brighten up your room and your whole home apart from the warmth it brings along; there is also an unknown vibe that brings energy to your existence. Imagine yourself living in the dark forever, the looks of a dungeon with absolutely no light or even for that matter any adequate human interaction. Would you like the feel of it? How would you like to open a window and just see walls or drainage pipes every single day? How about a home coloured in a nice shade of green and an open terrace among other things? How about a home that has it’s main door open up to your garden every single morning? This irrespective of how much time you spend at home. It matters!

There is a reason why we call the place we live in home. As much as what goes inside your mouth and into your body constitutes your health and well being so does the place you live in and that’s how it becomes a home from a house and the people that live in it also constitute to making it what it is irrespective of you living alone or as a couple or a small nuclear family. There are barely any joint families these days so let’s not get there for the right reasons.

Many may not agree or pay attention to this but the fact is every home has a vibe — the surroundings, the people who visit, the people who you let enter your home and your life. It is all important. You, my reader might beg to differ, but if not in the short term, it will affect you in someway in the long term. Things might just keep brewing in your heart and mind before it erupts like a volcano one fine day. The difference being the brewing of beer or coffee gives you a kind of pleasure post consumption but things brewing in your heart and mind will eventually consume you.

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