Another day at the resort

“Blacky! Fatso!”

I opened my sleepy eyes to see who was spoiling my sleep by the pool. It did not seem one of the usuals at the resort. I am one of the three huge dogs at the resort who is more of a security paw as it is one of those that is a little far from the hustle of the main city. It is surprising though how I ended up with my pals here.


He won’t stop I guess, oh that’s him! Guess he has a bad throat today. I think he had too much fun the previous night. I am talking about one of the owners of this resort. Actually he is the reason my pals and I ended up here. We were really small puppies when he playfully got us here but now we are all grown up and are very much a part of the resort as much as he is. I like being near the pool most of the time and there are times when it gets so crowded that I prefer staying away from the pool. Today is a no reservation day and so it is all empty and also quiet to a great extent, except when my human starts to miss me and calls out my name several times — like now!

We are all going out for a walk and then possibly to the beach nearby. The part that I love the most is that we are never leashed and it makes me feel even more good when I sometimes see other paws that come to the resort but are leashed. Also, that we are well behaved and don’t really bother anyone when we are having fun.

I am not sure when we will head back to the resort, it just seems fine to spend some more time getting dirty at the beach.

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