Chennai to Bombay
Wasn’t easy for you
You did it anyway
What can I say about you

In her womb
I spent nine months
Little did she know I would be such a havoc
In the coming months

My first flight with you
You couldn’t forget
Oh! What a trouble
So you chose to not forget

Mother of two humans, some fish and a canine
I think you did just fine
With loads of love dose
You made sure we did fine

Babies and puppies
You had a certain charm in you
Even the most stubborn eaters
Could never say no to you

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
And had a great fall
There was no wall
But you had a bad fall

Our dining round table conferences
Were incomplete without you
Oh! What a circle we formed
That completed with you

On some days you preferred
To stay confined to four walls
A lot of latest things you knew
Then those who went outside those four walls

One of your own
Mocked at you
Did things that hurt
Staying strong — well that was you

You thought some men in my life
Were a complete waste of time
You tried to talk me out of it
But I didn’t give a dime that time

When some people made you sad
Tears rolled down, I saw it dry
But you got back up
And cooked a great fry

Being systematic is a virtue
I can tell you I partially got it from you
Having loads of patience is another virtue
I can tell you its been a task getting it from you

Cleanliness, perfection, care
You did it everywhere
Saving, not wasting, valuing
You practiced what you preached everywhere

So artistic, so creative
You had it all in you
You probably didn’t realize your own potential
But I always saw it in you

You saw humour
In some of the worst situations
You said those hospital stays were staycations
And embraced all those situations

Prayers and beliefs
Is something I mostly got from you
To not be overly religious
Also came from you

Strength, virtue and perseverance
I got a lot of it from you
Those secret cooking ingredients
Are inspirations from you

A constant source of positivity
Literate and wise
I’ve had some great advice
From someone so wise

It was difficult
When I lost you
No one could do justice to
The void you left behind you

My mother, my friend
This ode I write to you
I couldn’t think of a better dedication
For someone like you

This is my last in this series of odes with a little inspiration from the Oh in Dr.Seuss’s poetry. It’s been some years that my mother passed away. We did not agree on everything however there is this void, an indescribable feeling I can’t explain.

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