Publishing woes, being vegan, a vampire in disguise and blabber mouth

It has been a couple of months and it looks like I don’t have a revert from the publisher yet. I haven’t checked as I am typing this out but I don’t know if I am to feel glad or not. Glad because though the book would be tiny yet the amount of work, time and efforts that may have to go into it for publishing purposes; in terms of deciding a cover for the book among other things would keep me even more busy. Not glad because I do want to get it published soon. Positive!

As I continue to juggle with some other things that keep me busy, I have to tell you I continue to feel good being a vegan. I somehow have had to many times continue to stress the fact of being one and umpteen attempts of offers to have eggs and other forms of meat and dairy (any form of non vegan food) did not tempt me enough, just the way eggs and meat did not when I turned vegetarian.

A certain blabber mouth has a lot to blabber, it just sounds like something is hitting my ear drums yet the words are not clearly audible because I want to be focused on this right now. A mosquito, this time a huge vampire in disguise just entered my mouth when I was yawning and also made me cough and fortunately it flew out. Maybe it should have entered Mr. Blabber Mouth’s mouth and stopped the darn blabber — not that it is affecting much these days, but yet (giggle!). Blabber mouth has asked me several times if I know how to drive — I think I am losing count of how many times! I have just one question though, where is the car? That said, I like how I am capable of giving many nicknames to one person. The more the level of annoying, the more the number of nicknames. Among other things, I am devoid of wifi connection.

As I continue to look at the positivity in possibilities, I will keep you beautiful people — my readers, visitors, individuals sharing links to my posts and site and followers on this site updated about the status of my book getting published once when I get a positive revert from the publisher, next when the process starts and then when it actually gets published. In the meanwhile, I would love to know how is it going in your part of the world.

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