Play date with Fraezer

I sat staring around the garden and fencing the other day. Fraezer was going to come over for a play date. This time was going to be special. It was so long since we met. My human kept getting messages from her friend and her phone wouldn’t stop buzzing. My human friend took him for some travel along with her and they just got back after a month long trip. I am jealous — though I did want to know how it went for him. He is not the travel kind — the getting to the place stresses him out, otherwise he likes the places his human takes him to. Also, I love the fact that she is so human — what it means in my terms is that she makes sure he does not get tired or starts drooping through any of the travels he has had so far.

We were meeting that evening and so far the weather looked just fine. Our jump-in pool was being cleaned and I am not the kind who likes sharing it with birds or squirrels for that matter. I will cause no harm but I will surely scare them away. I was resting and so I didn’t want to be bothered by that pre-cleaning menace. I thought a small nap would do good.

“Baby, you want to have some flavoured bones?”, she asked.

I opened my eyes half way through, I can tell you I looked way cuter than any of those dogs in any of the cartoons on television. Looking at that face, I couldn’t have possibly said no to her. I am sure I am a great competition for her human boyfriend too. I am sure he gets jealous of me. She calls me baby more number of times than she calls him. I ate the ‘oh-so-slurp’ flavoured bones and went back for a nap.

“Woof, woof, woof!”

I could hear some dog barking in my dream too? I couldn’t be bothered. I was way too cozy in my couch.

“Woof, woof, woof!”

It just got louder. Someone was hugging me in my dream?

I somehow got out of my dream. Oh no, it’s them! They had arrived. My human friend was hugging me.

I had to tell my paw friend, “Oh Fraezer! I missed you buddy.”

Two humans and two paws going berserk after meeting each other — a month felt like a lifetime. All four of us spent some hours in the pool and then the humans went for a shower while we basked in the sun.

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