Slacking my way through travel posts

This feeling is so surreal, that it cannot stop me from guilt tripping about not making certain travel posts immediately after my travels. The reasons have been pretty strong and I surely don’t regret the delay. I am however glad that going forward things are going to be different specially when it comes to travel.

Here’s the thing though — this time around, I sat to put down the importance of making travel posts immediately after a travel.

  1. Everything about your travel is fresh in your mind, memory, heart, emotions, feelings, scribbles — just about everywhere!
  2. Chances of your devices, their chargers and other connecting devices being there in your travel bag or in your memory’s reach is extremely high — basically you don’t need to search.
  3. Chances of you struggling to think which place you would need to go to get anything in your devices resolved in case it cannot be done at home won’t take much time — the energy is still high!
  4. Transferring photographs and having a back up is something that will always remain one of THE most important things.
  5. You will suddenly feel the need to give your phone a lot of attention and the needed care through servicing — a part of the major chunk of your photographs might somehow be there as well.
  6. Adrenaline levels remain high about sharing it on your site, social media handles and chat applications depending on what you use.
  7. Typing your travel posts flows like the water falls — words, emotions, experiences!

Those of you who travel for work, on a holiday or any other reason and like to record it through writing, photography or even videos can probably relate to some or most of this. I have slacked in putting up some of my travel posts and though I don’t regret this part of the delay, it has surely not impressed me much. My strong will in getting most of this done on priority, without delaying it any further will ensure that you my dearies might just end up seeing more of travel posts in the days to come.

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