Jet lag your way

On certain days or rather nights, you are bound to wish it passes in a way that you don’t continue to feel the way you are feeling.

A confused state of day and night is not bad sometimes. Many times the weather likes to help you through a feeling of wonder and uncertainty of whether it’s day or night. If you want to feel this in the utmost natural way, then the best thing to do during one of your travels is to purposely forget to set your watch in the time zone of the country you are traveling to. Travel to a place that mostly has rain clouds that time of the year. Once you reach your destination, continue to jet lag without knowing the actual time. Put those electronic devices on silent and away. The weather outside joins you in making you feel it is nearing dusk and continues to let the dark skies lurk upon you. Go back to sleep listening to the winds and the cold breeze that will make you feel rather cold. Goosebumps. They are there. Close those french slides and turn on what’s needed to keep you afloat in those temperatures. The dark grey skies serve as an assurance that it is okay to sleep and it is that time of the day. Your head does not feel that good as you would want it to. Your body does not want to move an inch and feels like a lazy log. The log that went through a lot before it boarded that flight — the preparation, the run around, everything else.

All it wants to now feel is that bed to sink in the body, that pillow to sink in the head, rest for the running brain, peace for the heart and soul. Everything else can wait. It’s all good and it is going to be great when you wake up.

14 thoughts on “Jet lag your way

      1. I like it enough to do it everyday 😉
        Though my wife and children are not fans of waking up. I’m a morning mouse who lives in a house of night owls 🤣
        Do you mean the town in the UK?

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  1. We finally found a way to defeat jet lag in our most recent travels. Simply stay up to a similar time at your new location, as you would at home and wake up the next morning refreshed. Sometimes, that may be going to sleep at 7 or 8 PM, instead of 10 PM, but that works too. IT works particularly well when travelling to NZ/Aus, as there is a small gap between that time zone and our home, but it is a day later and usually after 37-40 hours of non sleep flying.

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      1. Nope, not yet. I’m planning on taking a couple of road trips this summer around my home province of Ontario. Hoping we can start travelling abroad before the end of the year though, but who knows.

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