Our mutual admiration for each other’s writings, posts, sites, became a muse while I started to type this one. However, it does include a lot of other ones that don’t follow my site and vice versa but are worth reading and you might just want to read more or start following their site the way you started to follow mine.

Clicking on any of these links will ensure the next few minutes of your time is utilized in finding a cozy corner of your home, some silence if you are traveling, a place with lots of tranquility or a place with loads of noise and you trying to juggle between wanting to read while not being able to do so and waiting to get out from there and if you are at work hoping that your team or colleagues get into self pilot mode so they don’t bother you.

Clicking on all the below links consecutively can transform you into a bibliophile for at least an hour or even more depending on your speed of reading and comprehension or being able to actually focus on what you are reading. If you are someone who likes to read, you know what I am talking about, don’t you?

italy: pisa’s campo dei miracoli & the leaning tower


Click Like – Don’t read!


I Almost Died 😐

Early Morning Sightseeing in Croatia

Hiking Through Central Park

Ultimate packing guide for long term travel


Photographers Dream in this Timeless Garden

If you have reached all the way here and haven’t started yet then go ahead and get clicking!

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