Wishful thinking

I was not sure what to put up on this one, because the blessed publisher has not replied to any of my emails yet. I did do my bit of follow ups and I don’t know if thinking that the publishing house is procrastinating for some reason might be the right thing. How about my emails along with many others’ landed in their junk folder for some reason and is just being read — wishful thinking! Now that you know I don’t have ‘a happy or good news’ on that front, I thought I will pep myself up by telling you what’s happening on this site here.

As I continue being a happy vegan, one of my last updates from WordPress read 1337 total likes, yes that number popped up on the notifications and I did happen to see it. Fancy number, let me see if I can still see it and I will put up a picture of it. Hard luck! I can’t see it anymore, will check on the website later. Apart from that, there is just something that is more of an existing addition to my posting schedule. Existing addition because it did exist even before but I did not mention it as a part of my schedule the last time, so here it is.

Poetry will still continue to happen every now and then and so will my month end update on Saturdays on the book aspect. Also, if you see some of the old posts updated and landing in your inbox for some reason, it is only the tags for better browsing purposes when any of you old or new to my site are exploring it.

I could do with a ton of other genuine publishers bombarding my inbox wanting to publish my tiny book of odes, in the meanwhile have a great day everyone!

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