Munchkin’s day out — I am the lucky munchkin!

I was running the other day, just playing around with another buddy. We were invited by a human friend. I like going there because of the play space they have, there’s a swimming pool too. That’s just one thing. We were going for an outing and I was invited too, so this was us lifting our adrenaline levels for what was coming later.

We left in the morning hours by carpooling. There was a lot of space in there and so much treats that were in store. Ah, that mix of food fragrances really got to me. My excitement was intact and I decided to calm down so I could continue to have enough energy in the waters at the resort. I am a super active Labrador who loves my humans and the waters. Every time I look for an opportunity to get into the bath tub and make it my own territory for as many hours as possible. I paused my thoughts, we were stopping for a pee break and breakfast.

Are we at a paw gathering? The place was filled with different paws, I didn’t like it. I heard one of the humans talk — some new paw cafe! It lets paws eat with their humans and has special paw treats sold. My human picked up one of the treats to check what it had.

“It has chicken my munchkin, you want to try it?”

How could I say no to that pretty faced love struck human who had one of my favourite treats in hand. I took it and, and, and it was so good. Burp! I devoured it with no second thoughts.

Back in the car I wanted to nap but I also wanted to look at that bitch in another car. I was wondering if they were going to the same place as we were. I continued to enjoy the morning breeze and cuddles of my human. I was happy she wasn’t driving today so I had all her attention to myself and of course some in between chatter with the others that I happily intervened nudging her every now and then.

The resort, the waters, my treats, our games, some other bitches I managed to steal some looks from, basking in the sun just like my human (but excluding the bikini), some paw loving humans — a day to remember! We reached home and all I wanted to do is cuddle up and sleep with my human on her bed. I did just that.

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