Walks, talks and thoughts from Mr. Squirrel and me

As I strolled the other day, it started to drizzle. Water and me have a strange love-hate relationship. Sometimes I like it, at other times I don’t. A lot of mixed scents grappled my nose. I, of course did not know which one I should follow. A light drizzle and I saw my good friend squirrel running in split seconds, he wanted to reach somewhere. Over the days we really became good friends. Every now and then he speaks, he somehow never fails to explain to me how some humans can be so inconsiderate about his family’s needs. He seldom likes to complain; but that day he said he had a lot to talk about and he would love it if my human was to get me for a walk again at night.

Sometimes this whole untimely rain makes me think about what one of my human friend keeps talking about, the whole climate change thing. My small sized brain does not have too much space to decipher all of it but I can surely tell that a problem arises when it is created mostly by the person who is talking about the problem — no not my human friend, it is the overall human specimen!

Back home I had some special treats in the form of chicken and something new — I don’t know the name of it. My human offered and I tasted, quite good and as I munched more of it — it’s delicious! I gave my verdict with a swirl of tongue asking for more.

“That’s enough!”, pat came the reply and I was unamused.

The climate was cold and pleasant, I got cozy on the couch. I could not really sleep, I would say I was half asleep thinking about what Mr. Squirrel wanted to talk about. I started to plan how I would keep sniffing at one place or just around the place so I can be near his tree while he can talk about things that were bothering him.

In the evening I started to approach my human with some licks and a wagging tail and some ‘I want to go out again’ signs — this involved walking right behind my human, licking my belt, drinking milk and looking at the door. Things I have to do for Mr. Squirrel sometimes.

“We will go out at night for sure!”, he said with a peck on my forehead and a nice rub on my back; that sure did some wonders and I kissed him back.

Hours passed, we went for our walk and I stopped by and looked up. Mr. Squirrel smiled and was quick in telling me that he overheard some humans saying they were planning to chop off some branches and a part of the bark from the tree where he and his family were residing. He was afraid his home would be devastated, so he had been looking at other options in the trees nearby. I was only listening and that’s what he needed that time. The other two huge trees he was considering were already occupied by some others and it would get congested so he was going to opt for another one that was adjacent to the line up in the road ahead. He said he wanted to keep me informed so that just in case I don’t find him here going forward, that’s where I should check next.

It is so beautiful, my relationship with this squirrel. I can tell you size does not matter here — I am this huge dog and I can’t seem to stop admiring Mr.Squirrel, his family and their resilience.

Beautiful image source: Cesar’s way

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