Double trouble

I haven’t bothered checking the emails too much lately — specially to see if a response from the publisher has arrived. After all these weeks of regular sad pensive face, I am not even sure if there will be one; so I am just assuming there is none as I continue to type this. This might change by the time I publish this post or that’s what is the wish in this beating heart of mine. Just because they haven’t responded to me, does not mean it will be the same for any of you who are in the same situation — of wanting or thinking of getting your book published. I don’t want you to get discouraged in anyway. I think the next time I will put up an update about this is only towards the end of every month or when I get a response from the publishing house and my heart skips a beat getting ecstatic — whichever happens earlier, that way it will be less discouraging for anyone of you wanting to do this now or in the near future.

The one who hasn’t responded might just be the unlucky one while there might be some others who will bask in the joy of being the one publishing my tiny book of odes. Do not ask me the publisher’s name who hasn’t responded just yet. The publishing house sure has a name and reputation to keep up to and it will make more sense for them to respond then get turned down when some other publishing houses turn less naive and fasten their approach in contacting me and getting my book published. I will surely put up the name of the one that actually does end up publishing so some of you interested could approach them for the same.

I thought of spending at least 24 hours basking in loads of alerts in the form of likes, comments, shared of my posts and follows on my site. More so, loads of website traffic considering a hundred! Well, that has not happened as yet and is surely due.

My next post talks about a successful completion at being vegan for more than a month and how I have a long way to go while continuing to be one for the rest of my life. On this note, I am sending all you beautiful people around the world from different walks of life positive vibes and loads of love to keep going.

20 thoughts on “Double trouble

  1. Best wishes to you! May good news find you soon. Congrats on your one month vegan celebration. I have been for one year. I have been down this road before, but it feels good to be traveling a vegan path again.

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