Alibaug : sun kissed beaches, beachside resorts, good food and some hammocks

I wasn’t going to make this post, I wasn’t just feeling up to it and so I decided to delay it for a bit. I think it is sometimes better not to post than to just post for the sake of posting. I think some of you reading this might understand the feel of it. I do have follows and readers coming from just about 28 countries, oh wow 28! — I am guessing people from other countries haven’t started to visit my site yet but this is also quite a good number, don’t you think? All those who do so far, look forward to reading something because it is coming from me. I am surely grateful for this.

I am a little skeptical as I am writing this because this time I am in two minds if I want to write about this place or another place. This is something I wanted to put up a few days back but I am putting it up now — so that surely makes sense!

As I started writing this, it was a little trouble focusing, some blabbering seemed to be bothering me, though not paying attention to what the blabbering is, is easy; but some constant chatter was kind of distracting for reasons I cannot tell. I sometimes do write with the music on but that does not seem to bother me much, I can still focus but not the day I started writing this. Now that I feel this is turning into a written rant let me take you to Alibaug.

Alibaug or Alibag is a coastal town located in Raigad district in Maharashtra, India and is located to the south of Mumbai.

This place will not stop to delight you with its beachside resorts and hammocks, nor will you get tired of its breeze and waterfalls as you do some small hikes to get that view. There are horse chariot rides you can take on some of the beaches. Lots of places with soft patches of lush green grass will just do the thing to your happy feet. Don’t wear those slippers when you find these, put them away and just walk.

Kulaba or Kolaba fort

In all the times that I have visited this place, sinking into the hammock has been the best feeling ever — post lunch on a lazy getaway afternoon with a book in hand and more importantly no coconuts falling off the tree on my head. Beach walks don’t stop doing the trick, do they? Can you resist waves tenderly hitting your feet as you stand looking at the sunset, with that sand pulling out from the gaps in your feet and sinking your feet right in as continue getting tan? Well, I can’t! There are forts and many beaches around, to name a few — Varsoli, Kashid, and Alibaug.

Alibaug is famous for its Malwani and Konkani cuisine. Fresh cooked seafood among the many other delicacies is what you can expect when you are in this coastal place.

Seafood market

You have enough vegetarian, meat, seafood and other food options to keep you going through all the times when you get tired with all the playing around and the time spent in the water or just walking by the beach or even after your legs tire after the hikes.

Transportation to this place can be a little tricky. It does not have an airport. If you are getting off at an airport, then the nearest one will be in Mumbai (Bombay). The best way to get here is by road — bus or car. You can also take the train, from the nearest railway station, Pen. I cannot tell you much about the train experience as the bus and car has worked well for me. There are boat services available as well. The nearest jetty is in Mandwa from where ferry services are available to and from the Gateway of India, Mumbai. Another port in the vicinity is Rewas, from where a ferry service is available to Ferry Wharf (Dockyard Road). There is a ticketing booth at the Gateway of India and the ferry services are available from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening.

This can be a good weekend getaway and so if you have been impressed enough, then make that visit to entice your wandering hearts and roaming minds.

Some beautiful image sources: byebyecity, tourmyindia, triphobo, mhexplorer

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