Survival instinct of a sadistic mosquito

I roam everywhere
Sit in the corners, that’s not rare

You think you can save yourself
Brace yourself

I will be right there no matter who you are
I don’t care which blood runs in you, beware

I fly,I sit
I sit,I suck
I suck,I fly

By the time you realize I am gone
My wants of blood ain’t forgone

Repellents and creams — how you protect yourself with many of those
But there’s always a time without all of those

Does this make you a little aware
There’s always a part of you that I am never going to spare

This fella perched himself in a place where he could grab enough attention. We kept looking at each other. He kept doing the rounds but I don’t think he managed to suck any blood out of me — considering his look, lean and thin. He did let me capture some photographs though, which made me think he was quite a poser considering he did not fly away when I was trying to take these clicks — this one didn’t seem to be one of those from the sadistic clan!

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