Waiting on a day like this

I am a little upset today. My human is out for too long than I expected. No, let me be clear — longer then I was told. A rare instance! You might want to ask — what’s the urgency? Well, nothing much really. I just miss the human interaction. The other day I managed quite a good steal. I cannot be more then happy sharing this with you; so when I happened to see that neighbour again I licked and wagged my tail a lot. My way of saying thank you. I bet none of them understood my ecstatic movements, but I have to admit I couldn’t have said it any better.

I overheard my human say something about a scheduled vaccination. That has further made me upset. I am in no mood to eat anything at the moment. I am home alone and this is a real good chance for me to bite the corners of all the wooden furniture and eat up everything that has been laid out for me to keep me engaged while there is no one home. Yet, I am not in the mood. I haven’t eaten my chew roll, can you even think of it in your wildest dreams that I would ignore a chew roll? You have no other option but to come to terms with it — that I have ignored my chew roll for real.

Nothing seems good to me this day. I have turned into a sloppy paw, dragging myself from one room to the other imagining what it would be like on vaccination day. I can be quite a ‘couch potato’ in a paw way. The difference being I watch a lot of live action outside this window for long hours, specially when I am so morose.

I have spent the day not eating anything. I did have water and milk though. I am still waiting for my humans to get home, lying on this cozy couch with a carrot on one side and a chew roll on the other, even the return of one would do to make me feel better.

I hope everyone else reading this is having a better day then me.

Beautiful image source: Mental Floss

You can read what I did earlier here

2 thoughts on “Waiting on a day like this

    1. I do not have a dog currently Marion! I used to have a German spitz that passed away years back. Somehow dogs have been a part of my growing up years and even to this day they somehow walk into my life every now and then. I can’t seem to agree more, they are indeed great company and so much a part of the family for many who value them enough!

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