Cooking is not rocket science

I think this image could do with some more hands
Oh poor you, you can’t cook
Oh what will you do, you can’t cook
Oh how will you survive, you can’t cook
Oh who will marry you, you can’t cook
Oh look you ordered out, you can’t cook
Oh what a pity, you can’t cook
Oh you don’t look guilty, you can’t cook
Oh what will others think, you can’t cook
Oh I don’t get a cooking fragrance, you can’t cook
Oh you are so lazy, you can’t cook
Oh what will your children eat, you can’t cook
Oh is that why you are working, you can’t cook
Oh you should learn from someone, you can’t cook
Oh what a shame, you can’t cook

For starters, I am not going to be preaching anything to anyone of you reading this. To be able to write this post means a lot to me. I do want to tell you though that it is okay for you to not know how to cook irrespective of your gender and ‘anytime’ is a good time to start. I think ‘that’ anytime has to be a time when you are inclined to experiment, to make mistakes and for you to be able to learn from it. It is great if you can ace it in your first time. I was able to in many of the dishes I cooked for the first time. It is also fine if you cannot. You don’t need to worry about it. You will get better in time.

I do want to caution you though; that there will always be someone judging you about your dislike to enter the kitchen or you not knowing how to cook or you not learning how to cook or you not wanting to cook or you being too busy to cook. What you should probably think about is, if you want to cook. I say this because it will show in your cooking, irrespective of whether or not you want it to be seen. Your love for food and good taste can always take you a long way in cooking.

I am also taking this opportunity to tell you that nobody taught me to cook and my family members did cook but all I would do is probably go in and out of the kitchen seeing all that was laid out to start the cooking or in the process of cooking. I never sat down to learn how to cook. In the few times that I must have, no matter who was trying to drill something into me, I was surely not listening. I am thankful for this part of me, it just helped me develop my own versatile style in cooking. If you are planning on going my way, there are two things you should know — don’t burn yourself and don’t chop your fingers. I never did. You have to be careful with fire and knives.

I never went to a cookery class to enhance my culinary skills. This is not overconfidence and I surely won’t hold myself back if I do intend learning a cuisine or a skill that does require a class. It is always good to be open to learning a new skill. You don’t have to do it to impress someone or because you have been told to learn it as a compulsion. Do it for yourself! You might just discover a part of you that you can add to your ever increasing stack of know-hows.

It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It does sound cliched to me, with so many men being such great cooks these days and opting to be a chef in their profession or just being good cooks at home in spite of no professional commitment or obligation whatsoever. Let me put back these days and tell you that in my growing up years I have been pleasantly surprised by my brother and father with their culinary skills, so men cooking is clearly not a ‘these’ days thing.

Cooking on your own has its perks — you get to choose the ingredients you use, the ingredients you use in a way contributes to your good health, you learn a new skill and you do save money. For those of you who have those initial jitters, you can always look up recipes on the internet or even a cookbook; there are so many options available — posts on websites, videos on youtube and of course my site! You can also approach a friend or family member — anyone you are comfortable asking. If you still don’t feel like cooking after reading all of this, just make sure to earn enough money to order out every single meal, every single day.

That said, I write and create most of my What’s Cooking posts in a way that my follows, readers and anyone new who is reading and is new to cooking should be able to follow the recipe and cook a delight.

I can’t stop but wish you the best with all your cooking endeavours. Let the fragrances, tastes, creativity and love for food be with you!

Beautiful image source: Clipart found on google

6 thoughts on “Cooking is not rocket science

  1. I was lucky to be the one who always wanted to be Mother’s Little Helper when I was growing up, so developed an interest in cooking at that time. Many years later, when I was out on my own, I did the usual bachelor cooking thing with Hamburger Helper and pizza in a box, but thought I can do better than this. Now that I am an old married man, I still cook, although less frequently, but I am the baker in the house. Since I started making Levain bread, we have seldom bought any store bought bread. And we always know what went into the bread we eat. One of my former bosses had an apartment with a gourmet kitchen that he never used. Whenever he entertained, he would order in from Hooters. Takes all kinds. Stay well. Allan

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