Brain and heart battle a reality check

Who do you think it is,I don’t know girl
This can’t be a Good Samaritan,I wouldn’t conclude girl
It sure should not take this long, I can’t agree more girl
I probably shouldn’t expect,they will respond girl

Whoever said patience pays,it will girl
Do they not have a brain that works,they sure do girl
Typing a reply to an email can’t be so difficult,I do wonder the delay girl
Whatever that means,keep going girl

I can’t check it once more,you must girl
It may be the same am sure,it might have just arrived girl
Do they not have a heart that beats then,I think they do girl
I ain’t convinced with that,check it girl

More then two weeks passed by,hold on girl
I don’t think I can do this anymore,you can girl
There’s no revert,I can see it coming girl
How can I be sure,you must be kidding girl

After a week of no response I ended up sending a follow up email during the start of a weekday hoping the person responsible would respond. As brain and heart battled it out, I checked my emails just before typing this out to see if the publisher replied. I did not see a response.

Being a vegan can be quite a task at times to constantly confirm and explain what you don’t include in what you eat. I would like to be pleasantly surprised by the understanding of people in this aspect, if that kind of understanding is not too much to ask — considering my abstinence during their intake of eggs, meat or even animal based milk anymore.

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