A beautiful start with tiny doses of nature

Some bitter coffee shots anyone?

This is what is going to keep me going for a really long time or that’s what I hope. Nature has its way of indicating a lot of things. I sat by the window the other day for a really long time and this in many ways is different from taking walks or going on hikes which is right into nature. This was me pausing — to sit, look outside and admire.

I looked at the dew drops formed on the leaves. It sure looked beautiful — some small, some huge. Its nice how, when you try to take it in your palm it does not break into smaller droplets; it just slides as one whole entity — cold and clear!

The dark skies indicated rains. I liked how the dark clouds were moving in close proximity, they wanted to capture the whole sky — slowly, steadily. They were moving towards the mountains, they had so much to offer — to me, to the surroundings, to the dried leaves on the branches of those trees short and tall, to those birds flying high and low, to places with water scarcity. Rains and the smell of fresh mud gets to me in a way that I cannot resist, so I stop at least for some moments to enjoy it.

I started to write, wanting to capture these moments in words this time and not in photographs. Some people without umbrellas and rain jackets started to run for shelter while others chose to walk in it while it lasted. It looked like this was the initial drizzle before the heavy downpour. Thunder and lightning graced the sky. In Hindu mythology, it is said that there are chariots being driven by Gods in heaven and that is what the thunder indicates. I moved my attention from the sky down to the branches, some birds were drying their wings from the initial drizzle. They looked all puffed up once they did their drying stunt, something that surely caught my eye!

A really huge bee kept doing the rounds nearby, I had a feeling it was a queen bee. It is beautiful how the bees collect nectar from flowers and how they go about maintaining that bee hive, don’t you think? Cold wind kept blowing through all of this, caressing my face and hair every now and then. Just then two dragonflies — both colourful and active; danced their way near me, then across the branches and then they disappeared. Some big and some tiny droplets kept falling from the leaves and the branches of the tree, drainage pipes from some of the houses started flowing too, it had slowly started to rain heavily. It got me thinking if people should start thinking more about rain water harvesting within their own communities and possibly find ways and the time to do it.

My thoughts were interrupted by some squirrels running helter-skelter up and down the trees, one of them was holding on to something that looked more like a shelled walnut. A real long furry tail with some thick black and brown stripes that ran from the top of their head to the tail’s end. They looked alert and kept playing around for quite a while.

Just then another lightning struck, it startled the squirrels enough for them to run into hiding and it rained — this time bigger drops and more heavier than it did earlier. Everything came to a standstill, for the outrage from the skies to subside.

Beautiful image source of dew drops: 123rf

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