Flea markets of Goa

Gulping down two mugs of bitter coffee feels great for a good start and so I will give you the pleasure of virtually tapping into the flea markets of Goa till you get there for real.

Flea markets are often seasonal with a lot of variety in used goods, collectibles, antiques and vintage clothing. They are generally associated with previously owned (second hand) merchandise. This has changed over the years and there is a lot more it offers and is something both buyers and vendors look forward to. I’m sure flea markets have their own unique feel in different countries. Here’s where you can go when you are in Goa.

If you are at Anjuna, this is one of the places you must visit if you want to shop. Anjuna flea market has a lot of eclectic goods including handmade crafts and is generally open on Wednesdays and operates throughout the day. It has a lot to offer and is open for bargaining.

Dona Paula flea market is also open on Wednesdays and sometimes even during other days in the week. It has a wide range of sarongs to get you the desired tan, accessories, traditional handicrafts and different forms of souvenirs. It will woo you to an extent that you might end up shopping for a couple of hours and lose track of time.

Chapora fort flea market is on fort road in Vagator and also offers a diverse variety of accessories and other handicrafts. There is a wide variety in clothes, caps, hats and belts too. I have seen a lot of ‘oops I need some more comfortable clothes for the rest of my stay here’ kind of shoppers here. If there is an unforeseen circumstance or even if you have spontaneously extended your stay then all of these markets are going to be of great help.

Tibetan market at Calangute – Baga road is a day market and offers a lot of variety in jewellery, clothing and many other accessories. This is by far really huge and has so much to offer that I won’t be surprised if you get lost in the whole feel of this place while shopping.

Saturday night market is located in Arpora. It usually starts to open at 4 in the evening but gets busy from 6 in the evening and remains open until midnight or wee hours of the morning depending on the crowd considering it is an upbeat evening marketplace offering textiles, food stalls, shoes, spices and other handicrafts. It is more of a weekend market so is very crowded specially with people who indulge in shopping during their long weekend getaway.

All of these markets are open for bargaining because they have a lot of competition. Also, during the peak seasons of travel these markets are open most of the days making it convenient for tourists and other shoppers. If you are from a different country and this is your first time in Goa, my suggestion is for you to take a local with you. It will help you with a lot of things including communication and bargaining.

Images are not mine, so consider this as another one of my guilty posts.

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