Coffee, this book, some news and other baffles

Beautiful image source: Pixnio

A day with coffee woes to start with and coffee being out of stock is surely not welcome right now. I am not a coffee addict but coffee surely is a must when I am a ‘droopy’ of sorts. Coffee is coffee – Period!

Talking of coffee, I thought if you are reading my post, you should also find some time and drop by Leslie’s, who has just published her book called Mayhem at the Happy Valley Motor Inn and Resort and grab a copy of her book if possible. To be honest, I haven’t read or grabbed a copy yet but I am still vouching for it and hope to pick up one soon.

With a whole lot of news doing the rounds, some insanely repetitive and some I just kept wondering if there is something that is really going to happen next. For starters, there is a lot of hype that Trump is not going to leave the White House and it is somehow going to be a big mess if the President Elect Joe Biden needs to resume office with a smooth transition. However, a recent tweet according to news sources has Trump asking his staff to be supportive to the person in-charge during the whole transition period. Meanwhile, a ‘Not Amazon’ website seeks to boost local businesses across Canada by making the experience as convenient as Amazon called – I haven’t had a look at this one yet; and new whale species discovered off Mexico’s western coast – an increase is always welcome specially in some deteriorating mammal species.

I thought of watching some videos for an hour and accessed an application to do so. Surprise, surprise – 1GB exhausted! If I watched the same videos on another application, this 1GB lasts for three hours which means more videos with the same clarity. A few websites also have this sort of unwanted data consumption and so that’s an ‘avoid’ alarm again. This baffled me enough and its not the first time so I now know where to read and where not to watch certain things.

With coffee not in stock, I have resorted to some lassi* to start with and keep me cool through this day!

*lassi: a sweet or savoury Indian drink made from a yogurt or buttermilk base with water

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