Grand Ode IV

Here’s my last in this series of Grand Odes, this one is for my maternal grandfather. The man that he was, I wish I could have had some more time with him.

With a stepmother
It wasn’t easy to step further

Two red chillies, water and rice
For you to survive did it suffice

You were young
You were unsung

Opportunity knocked
You rocked

Those who had mocked
Were so shocked

You took the steamer
You were not a dreamer

You did well
In your dwell

You made a fortune
Yet not a prune

If not for the war
You would have probably been a czar

An avid reader
With the knowledge of a lawyer

Made your son-in-laws awe
Of what they saw

Your letters maybe of the past
But its nice that they still last

With your only son dead
Little did you dread

Chennai, Iraq, Bangalore, Bombay
You never got lost on your way

Your rare anger
Others felt the danger

Your pointed ears
Were enough for others’ fears

Dhoti or pant
You walked vigilant

The walks on the beach
Were so in your reach

A lot of naturopathy
You got through a lot till eighty

Mom read
You were dead

I took my first flight
Oh! What a plight

Her saree got wet
It was not sweat

I was two
I peed my way to see you

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