30 days, 30 posts

It has been an incredible 30! 30 days, 30 posts – I enjoyed each day of writing and putting up that post. The amazing people I have been in contact with – your likes, your comments, your follows, your post shares matter.

Beautiful image source: feelgrafix

I am really thankful that I get to interact with people from all parts of the world who are so brilliant in their own way in doing what they do in their own respective blog sites and websites and for them to be able to write about it. This calls for a shoutout to some of you who have been so regular in reading, liking, commenting, following and even sharing my posts on WordPress and your other social media handles which makes people come fluttering to see more of what I write.

Restless Jo: Johanna is her name but I sometimes love to call her Posh Jo. She is a beautiful human being who lives at Algarve and has those traveling feet, go visit her section on Home and Abroad while she is taking her Monday walks and thinking what to say on Six word Saturdays.

Photoblography: Allan is 67 but energetic and young at heart, his travel photos and writings are sure to amaze you. He lives in Canada and likes to enjoy his life to the ‘E’ while sharing his travelogues and other thoughts post retirement, go drop by and say hello to him.

Perspective on Trauma: LaDonna Remy is a trauma therapist and her blog is about building perspective on trauma, loss, attachment familial pain and moving forward. She has a distinct perspective about mental health and how it can affect any individual in their daily lives and overall wellbeing. Drop by and say hello to this beautiful person.

I Write Stuff: Stuart Danker is a writer from Malaysia and he does not stop to amuse you with his writing and also gives some real life advice based on his experience with writing as a career option. He is busy with other writing assignments and writing his book that is soon to be published and yet takes time to write his blog. Go say hello to him.

If I do bump into any of these people for real or any of my other followers or the people I follow, I will make sure to share a snippet of that in one of my posts.

I love what I have here at WordPress and eventually even when I do have my own domain, all of this writing will continue, along with these people and even more as the days progress. This is a forum I would like to call hunky-dory, so if you are someone who loves writing but has not given it a thought or is still contemplating about signing up, I‘d like to say go right ahead. The WordPress application might give you a hard time – sometimes with the editor and sometimes it won’t post if you schedule something, guess it might be some sort of bug in there or your internet connection. When WordPress shows 30 followers (1 follower being me), 386 views, 116 distinct visitors I sometimes wonder why all these visitors haven’t turned into followers yet. That being said, with thousands and millions of people across the globe reading, seeing, liking, commenting, sharing, connecting, wanting to work with you, wanting to meet you, waiting for you to post – you know you are in a good place.

Now for those of you reading my post for the first time, why don’t you stop by for some Food For Thought and then read some odes at Grand Ode and check what you can do for your paw at Paw Capers while you are making your next travel plans with Travel Unravel and browse some recipes on What’s Cooking for tomorrow’s delight.

13 thoughts on “30 days, 30 posts

  1. 30 posts in 30 days is no small thing. Very nice work🤍. I really appreciate and enjoy your blog. And, thank you for adding me here. It is an incredible compliment. I hope you have the very best weekend. I look forward to reading more of your work and looking at the blogs you have listed above.

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  2. Thank you LaDonna, I wish you the same and appreciate you following my blog, my work and taking time to comment about it🙂


  3. Thank you so much for the mention! I wasn’t aware of it until LaDonna pointed it out. I usually return all visits on comments but if I click on your blog name in my Comments it doesn’t bring me to your website. I can’t remember now if it takes me to your Gravatar, with no link to the blog. The only way I can get here is from the dropdown comments box, which brought me here this morning. Hope that makes some sort of sense to you? On my way to a Portuguese class but will pop back this afternoon. Bye for now 🙂 🙂

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    1. Well I would love for people to visit your amazing site and all that you put out there. I will check on that Jo, thanks for that. Have a great class🙂

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  4. It can be difficult to manage daily posts. Congrats for doing that and keeping it fresh. Also, thanks for the shout out and link. Blogging is all about sharing, after all. Hope you are well. Allan

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  5. D’aww I’m honoured to be part of your mentions. You really are killing it in the blogosphere now. And 30 posts in 30 days? I’m struggling to even do once a week lol. Amazing stuff and do continue to inspire with your work!

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    1. Thanks for dropping by and reading Danker! I hope more people drop by yours. Killing it?! I like how that sounds🙂Well you are being modest I’d say, considering you’re busy with other things and still making that post once a week. Cheers❣️


  6. I completed one of these “marathon” 30-day writing sprints several years ago and remember how much joy there was in facing a daily deadline to come up wth ideas to share. It was a lot of un and I recommend all bloggers give it a shot.

    I have over 900 posts but have slowed down over the past 10 years where I am averaging only one or two posts a month nowadays. Still, I enjoy reading others like your post, as well as leaving a comment here and there!

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    1. Thank you so much for dropping by, reading and commenting Contoveros! Its been amazing and I want to be able to continue this for the years to come. I am glad you enjoyed reading my post, please continue to do so. I did drop by and read one of yours, but will come by again for more🙂


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