Grand Ode III

There is nothing like ‘a’ good time to remember your grandparents. This is my third in the series of Grand Odes and is dedicated to my paternal grandmother. She passed away some years back and I like to remember her this way.

To and fro the market place
We held our hands and walked with grace

Choose what you like from the bakery here
Why fear when my wallet is here

Up and down the railway crossing
Our minds full of thoughts always tossing

As she smiled she said right there
I like it better when you keep returning here

Her bulging eyes couldn’t have said it any better
As she complained her sight wasn’t getting any clearer

Lets get home before it gets late
We anyway have to deal with that gate

So we got home
After our roam

One day she held my hand and spoke about fate
She couldn’t help but smile on that date

Rest your head on my thigh
She said with a big sigh

With many responsibilities of the household
You just can’t say she was any less bold

As she sat on her spot on the couch
She couldn’t help but watch with a slouch

Sometimes she decided to have a naive hold
On things she knew would eventually be sold

As she got feeble and old
She got quiet with some secrets untold

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