Some interesting convos

Last night when I looked at my phone I thought of the daily conversations humans would love to have with their devices and other things in general and vice versa. Wonder how this would turn out if it happened for real🤔

Mobile phone: I am dying…20% alert
Human: Hold on (still talking on the phone)
Mobile phone: I am feeling weak
Human: (Where’s the charger, where’s the charger?)
Mobile phone: Hellllllllllllllllllp
Human: (screams on the phone) I am looking for the charger (searching, desperately searching)

Mobile phone: No energy…10% alert
[Plugs in phone to the charger]
Mobile phone: I am going to live again YAY!
Human: (Heaves a sigh of relief)

Internet: I want to play hide and seek

Human: Not interested
Internet: It will be fun
Human: Not a good time
Internet: I insist
Human (some of us): (reboot phone using airplane mode) [Internet back to normal on full speed. Problem solved]

Internet: I give up

Electricity: Today I am not in a mood to work
Human: Why?
Electricity: Just the way you are not in a mood to turn me off when not needed
Human: Its getting too hot in here
Electricity: (Ignores) Should have thought about it when you were wasting me
Human: C’mon its dark in here, I need to even charge my phone and use other things run by you

Electricity: Light a candle or look for your torch and for other things look for a back up generator but even to charge that you need me
Human: Its been so long, maybe I should call the electricity board
[Electricity board say will take some more hours]
Electricity: People don’t realise when I exist, but non-existence surely helps

Human: Wish I had a little more leg space
Flight seat: Wish I had more space here
Human: Wish I could stretch my legs more
Flight seat: Wish I could stretch my whole body
Human: Wish I could recline and there was no person sitting behind

Flight seat: Wish this flight ends soon and there is nobody sitting on me

Laptop: (Smiles) Oh you keep me so clean and safe

Human: You are so kind to say that
Laptop: Thank you
Human: You’re welcome
Laptop: You keep me clean and well maintained whether I belong to the office or to you

Human: Well thats because I care about you
Laptop: Wish everyone did just like you

Game: Play me
Human: Not now
Game: (New levels available notification alert)
Human: Not right now
Game: You have to play me
Human: I love you but I can’t right now
Game: I know you love me more than your lover that’s why I am asking you to play me

Human: (sighs and plays a level) Can’t resist you anymore
Game: There should be a movie called addicted to gaming
Human: You mean like that old one called addicted to love
Game: You heard me

If you ever had a choice, have you wondered which devices and things you would like to have conversations with?

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