Paw eats

The first time you get a dog home, it is never easy. You must have seen dogs either at a friend’s home or at any of your relatives’ homes or walking by on the street; but when you actually have it at your home, it is very different from what you see at somebody else’s home.

Here are some tips on what you can feed your puppy you just got home. Please remember not to scare your pup in the new environment it is trying to get accustomed to. Make it eat and drink with some creative knack.

  1. Water (a must)
  2. Milk (dilute it with a little water, some tend to accumulate fat easily and develop breathing issues)
  3. Minced mutton/chicken meat (boil and mix it with rice, make sure the fat is removed, unless you are giving them enough walks, even dogs can get heart ailments)
  4. Carrots (try carrots, they usually like something to nibble on, specially during their teething issue days and even after – if they don’t like it raw, boil it soft)
  5. Chapattis* (break it into small bits if it does not like eating it whole)
  6. Chew rolls (you will find this at most pet food shops, it helps during teething days and even otherwise, buy the big ones so that they can hold it and chew on it and not just swallow it – keeps their teeth clean too)
  7. Eggs (boil them or make an omelette and mix it with rice or give it as it is)
  8. Dried nuts (they like it once in a while, don’t over do it)
  9. Banana strands ( the threads you find on the inner skin of a banana when you peel it)
  10. Dog food (you do get readymade dog food, but give it alternating with the above food options

*Chapattis – a thin pancake made out of wheat and cooked in a griddle (mostly in India)

**DO NOT add any spices or sweet to any of your dog food, they tend to lose hair or even fall sick

Happy petting!

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