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I woke up at 4 this morning and I guess the simple reason this time is that I slept early and one thing is for sure I just cannot sleep for long hours. Am I light sleeper? Well, not always. Am I too active a person? Well, I would like to think so and move on with that thought.

For the love of travel, I have been wanting to write this post for a while now. I thought of listing down some websites that can really help in making travel easy, smooth, pocket friendly and convenient (ok I think I’m running out of words here). The purpose of travel is surely different for different people and there are many ways of doing it. We have travel agents in almost every nook and corner but for anyone who is in a hurry or likes to use plastic money or for some reason is happy and comfortable getting things done online, these are some very good options:

1. Make my trip: This website offers some really good travel deals, mostly on flights and it has many other amazing deals you can choose from now. The website is very user friendly as it showcases all that it has to offer (It may look very clustered if you try seeing it on your smart phone). There are various new sections that they have added and that sure looks like an added advantage for users:

A. Villas and more: If a person does not wish to book a hotel room (Note:MMT has some real good deals), there is a section called villas and more which has villas and apartment booking options

B. Holidays ( This has package deals for many cities across India and certain offers are like a bid, they are available only for a certain period of time

C. Activities ( This section lets you choose the kind of activities you would like to indulge in India and other international destinations

D. Cabs ( This section offers cab services if you need to go to another city or
to the airport

E. Visa ( This section offers tourist visa services to a limited number of destinations

F. Charters: In simple terms, this is a section for private flights, there is no specific schedule, you
can check for something that fits your requirement. Charter flights are known to be a combination of safety, luxury and comfort. Make my trip mentions on having some trained, certified and experienced professionals to fly these

Also, there are different links on the website for bookings in India, UAE and the US. The international flight bookings always have some real good offers and deals just like the domestic flights.

• Website:

• MobileApplication:YES
• Android: YES

2. Airbnb: This website offers stay options in more than 191 countries, and they have global support available 24/7 in 11 different languages and it certainly is very user and pocket friendly. It offers a wide range of options to stay which are also pet friendly, this will ensure many of you who like to travel with your pet can be stress free about their stay.

A. Guest: As a guest you have a really wide range of stay options to choose from – entire homes, cabins and cottages, and unique stays too in the form of farm stays, campsites, treehouses, dome houses and many more along with interacting with the locals specially if you belong to a different city or country

B. Interactive activities: There are many of these activities that are led by the hosts – magic shows, french baking, exploring a city in India, chocolate making, making Mexican street tacos to name a few

C. Host: This is a section which enables you to host a guest at your home, you can choose the dates available for hosting and also the price range and amenities you would like to offer. With a vibrant hosting community, hosts insurance and protection and a global team support 24/7, this is a really good option to earn money, specially after you know what its like to be a guest with them and having seen other hosts

• Website:

• Mobile Application: YES
• Android: YES

3. Couchsurfing: Couchsurfing has a global community of around 14 million people in more than 2 lakh cities. It has a very user friendly website and all you need to do is create a profile. This website can be browsed in 9 different languages including English. What’s unique?:

A. Guest: As a guest “With couchsurfing you can stay with locals in every country on earth. Travel like a local, stay in someone’s home and experience the world in a way money can’t buy”

B. Host: Couchsurfing encourages travellers to give back by opening their homes to others who travel

C. Ambassador program: They have a unique ambassador program that celebrates a group of active members and their contributions to the community. If you’ve been an active member of your local community for at least a year, and want to help grow your city’s couch surfing community then this program will be for you, so you can check their website for more details on this

D. Store ( This online store brings to you many options of merchandise ranging from clothing to home and living

• Website:

• MobileApplication:YES
• Android: YES

4. Skyscanner: Skyscanner is one of the websites which gives very good fares when it comes to international flights. It shows a whole lot of fair fare comparison from various airlines. Little did I know they have partners and tie ups for hotels and car rentals too, so that’ s surely a good thing for users.

A. Flights, hotels and car rentals: To be able to get all of it in one website is a good thing I’d say

• Website:

• MobileApplication:YES
• Android: YES

5. Welcome pickups: I came across this website while browsing online and this has a very unique way of being able to help and bond with travellers. All that you need to do is register and book your transport from the airport you need the pick up from. They operate in 32 countries and have tie ups with 1200+ hotels.

A. For travellers: As the name suggests its a one stop shop for all your transfer needs and sightseeing rides in the country you visit. You can browse their website in 13 different languages including English

B. Transfers and Sightseeing rides: You should check if this is available in the country you plan to travel to next. There is a guides section that enables you to see what options you have available

C. Become a driver: This website has a lot going for drivers.They have a support system for their drivers even in the form of an mobile application

• Website:

• MobileApplication:YES
• Android: YES (for drivers only)
• IOS: YES (for drivers only)

All these websites are unique in their own way and offer to cater to the needs of different types of travellers. I have not tried everything that each website has to offer and some I have just browsed for maybe some future travel needs. I suggest you personally visit these websites to make your bookings or if you need to know more. One important thing, none of these websites have paid me to endorse them in this blogpost (unless they contact me and want me to do it for them going forward 🤔), I have put up some of these links for you my dear readers and followers.

Happy travels! 🙂

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