Little things we can all do…

Our daily lives revolve around a lot of activities and we may or may not realise some things in our day-to-day ‘hustle-bustle’. While taking a walk in the house this morning, I thought of sharing some things even a layman can do for the environment.

  1. Don’t waste natural resources: Water for instance (get your leaking tap or sprinkler fixed, don’t brush in running water – I have been guilty of doing this as a kid)
  2. Keep your surroundings clean: Stop littering and find a dustbin when you are outside (if you don’t find one, it is okay to have some wrappers in your bag and throw them once you get home)
  3. Turn off that light or fan when you are not in the room
  4. Don’t burst so many fireworks/fire crackers: We can all live without that air and noise pollution – specially the dogs, they can hear a lot more than we do
  5. Get your vehicles serviced regularly: It will emit less smoke, save fuel and drop less petrol on the roads on a slippery rainy day
  6. Decrease your use of plastic: Carry a cloth bag for grocery shopping or if that won’t work then carry a plastic bag you already have at home

2 thoughts on “Little things we can all do…

  1. Little things have a way of having a cumulative effect. We are pretty conscious, but far from perfect. Our electric company gives us graphs about our usage compared to others – and I smile. Thanks for stopping by Beach Walk Reflections, and I hope you return.

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