Grand Ode II

This is a special one, a second in my series of Grand Odes, dedicated to my maternal grandmother who also passed away when I was in school. A strong willed and jovial woman with a knack to make things happen.

Camphor made you a miniature
Oh it was of a bad nature

But it could not do the damage
As you were so savage

Doctors were wrong
As you came out strong

They said you should be dumped in a bin
Little did they know your father was your fin

Through those obstacles
Through those struggles

In a whim
He made you swim

Iraq gave you wings
So you flew with a lot of zing

A father’s pet
So all he could do was fret

A hottie, a bomb, a doer
I can’t describe you any better

Potato, meat and fish fries
You could make your son-in-laws rise

You could sing
You could dance

With your grandson
Up your arms

You looked so dapper
In that short hair

You had swagger
I can swear

Fragrances, drapes
And spaghetti dresses

You gave me a lesson
On fashion senses

You redefined the definition
Of your generation

So now when I see some people always whine
I reminisce you like exquisite old wine

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