Grand Ode

My paternal grandfather passed away when I was around fourteen and we lived in different cities. We didn’t really spend a lot of time together but of whatever we did during vacations and from where my love for independent garden homes cropped up, I owe this ode to him.

You were tall
You were hefty
You were a killer
When I saw you in that safari suit(ty)

You were fun
You were nifty
You were a healer
When we talked thrifty

You were fit
You were lit
You were a believer
When we talked nitty-gritty

You were keen
You were seen
You were a gardener
When we talked crafty

You were an early riser
You were a happy walker
You were my biggest follower
When we talked naughty

You were a keeper
You were a seeker
You were a diviner
When we talked viscosity

You were a foodie
You gave a goodie
You were a chipper
When we talked witty

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